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How Do Tax Settlement/Relief Services Really Work?
Millions of Americans have issues with their back taxes. Owing taxes to the IRS is stressful and failure to take action to resolve the problem will quickly worsen the situation. We as your trusted tax company can help you obtain the optimal agreement with the IRS authorities by using one of or several of our proven strategies. As your very experienced tax company our professionals understand how the tax system works. We work tirelessly to find the best solution for the client and not what the best solution is for the IRS. After all it is you hard earned money not the IRS.

As your reputable tax resolution service we help individuals file unfiled tax returns, obtain maximum deductions and credits, stop bank levies, stop wage garnishments, help with audits, possibly remove or lower tax penalties, possibly lower the tax amount owed, get the taxpayer back into full tax compliance and most importantly prevent future actions from the IRS while keeping your best interest and financial situation in mind.

IRS Tax liability Settlement

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  • ​Help with Tax Penalties, Liens, & Unfiled Returns
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Can You Really Settle for Less?

Absolutely, Settling taxes for less is possible but is not an option for everyone. Being able to settle for less is determined mainly by the taxpayer's ability to pay, future ability to pay, situation that caused the liability, errors made by the taxpayer or possible errors made by the IRS. So the methods that could be used to settle for less that you may have heard about are:
• Offer in Compromise: Allows taxpayers to settle for far less than the total amount owed if they meet the strict guidelines and complete the paperwork correctly. This also is a long process could take as long as 2 years. Most are determined in less than a year depending on the IRS.

• Partial Payment Installment Agreement: Allows the taxpayer to make small monthly payments towards the tax liability. This is determined based on the ability to pay now usually with a shorter time for the collection statutes run their course. The tax amount would usually be forgiven if it is not all paid back before the collection statutes expire.

• Uncollectible/Hardship: The IRS stops collection actions until the taxpayer's financial situation improves. Usually reviewed in 2 years based on taxes filed in most cases. Also the tax liability may be forgiven if their situation doesn't improve before the statute expires.

• Penalty Abatement: Sometimes very tough be we are successful at penalty abatement. The IRS will determine if the taxpayer has an acceptable reason for not staying in compliance with tax laws, they may waive penalties that were charged.

• Amending tax returns: Many situations come up where the taxpayer may have made errors with prior filings or the Substitute For Return (SFR) the IRS filed on their behalf which caused them to owe more taxes than they actually should have. In these situations, we file an amended tax return to lower your tax liability.

We always will warn clients to watch out for those tax companies that promise they can settle taxes for less because there is no way of anyone knowing for sure before knowing your complete tax and financial situation.

Our Tax Services

  • ​File Back Taxes
  • ​Offer In Compromise
  • ​Penalty Abatement
  • ​Payment Plans
  • ​Lien Subordination
  • ​Release a Tax Levy
  • ​Innocent Spouse Relief
  • ​940 & 941 Payroll Issues
  • ​Amended Tax Returns
  • ​Audit Representation
  • ​Currently not Collectible
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